What is abnormal about excessive sweating.

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Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis It is a condition of the body in which fluid is secreted through the skin in the form of sweat. The amount of fluid or sweat excreted is greater than normal. 

Hot weather or a time of excitement It often causes our bodies to react to us both externally and internally. Both parts of the body’s temperature change. Breathing that is faster than normal or even symptoms of sweating easily, sweating a lot, but the symptoms of sweating a lot Well, it’s not that there is only a cause according to what we said above.

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  • Sweating when it’s hot. It is a normal mechanism of the body to sweat out in order to cool the body heat so that it does not become excessive and dangerous.
  • sweating when exercising Exercise causes a high body temperature. Therefore, sweating while exercising is normal.
  • sweating when anxious The body secretes adrenaline. That causes heart rate and stimulate blood pressure When you have anxiety, it can cause you to sweat.
  • Eat spicy food When eating spicy food, it also stimulates your sweat glands, so this is not abnormal.

What type of sweating is abnormal.  If you sweat even when it’s cold sweating while sleeping or sweating. And having a fever Unexplained weight loss Itchy skin, shortness of breath. Or even sweating in the palms until they are soak. If you have any of these symptoms, don’t let it go on for a long time. And you should consult a doctor.

Disease that causes excessive sweating. Some congenital diseases that cause excessive sweating are as follows. Thyroid disease, diabetes, some types of cancer Low blood sugar, heart disease, and menopause Including some medicines. There are side effects that can cause sweating as well.

Symptoms: Sweating a lot It is a symptom that can happen to anyone. In some people, it is a temporary symptom that occurs very infrequently. This is usually caused by external stimuli. But if you are one of People sweat a lot. That occurs regularly You should turn to look at the cause of such symptoms.

         It usually comes from internal stimuli or various abnormalities of the body. If you can quickly find out the cause, can be treat Including preventing it from happening again. In the future, the symptoms of excessive sweating. It will not become harmful to your body. Instead, it’s just a signal your body sends to you.